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Tuesday, December 05, 2006



Blogger Echo said...

Hard works paid off Pahl :} Cool animation!

8:07 PM  
Blogger Mike M said...

Man, that was cool and very trippy!
Eggsasperating! I'll have to ask you all about it!

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Dunkle said...

Super sexy animation....I never knew you looked so good with your shirt off lol.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Nina Paley said...

Congratulations! I see you haven't lost your egg, I mean edge.

Was this a combination of real stop-motion and 3D CG? Rabbit and Teddy looked like CG when walking through the snow, but they looked like stop-motion in the indoor scenes.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Wow that was trippy!
Rabbit and teddy slapfight = Awesome!
The translucent rabbit is cool too.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Well, I'm finally getting the chance to view this with the sound on....long story. Nice job and a little scary! As a student, I have to say that I find it somewhat disturbing seeing one of my instructors in diapers with an egg for a head! Hmm, perhaps I should post this AFTER my final grade is in. hahaha!
Honestly, this is twisted and funny and odd, and dare I say, a little sad? Could the music be sending that vibe? Don't know, but I like the fact that it's there and I have to ask why and how--wouldn't have it any other way. Great job Pahl

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:34 PM  
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10:42 PM  
Blogger Em said...

You are amazing! I love teddy and rabbit. Your backgrounds are so pretty too. Big fan over here!

7:25 PM  
Blogger Danne8a said...

Oh My God!
You are my new Hero!
Your stuff is absolutely amazing!
I love it sooooo much!
I hope you don't mind if I put you in my links, it's just that I think you are one of the greats!
More please!
Humpy Dumpty Diaper Man is by far one of the most bizarre things that I have ever seen.
Has your stuff been in any festivals?
Anway, great stuff.

Congratulations on having such a unique vision.



4:03 AM  

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